Denon AVR-X7200WA 9.2 AV Receiver 4K Ultra HD Dolby Atmos in Vancouver, Washington

The Denon AVR-X7200WA was Denon's flagship receiver until about 2019.  Denon updated it frequently, and this is the version with the hardware upgrade (the A at the end).  It still holds its own well, with 9 discrete amplifiers, Dolby Atmos, and other top audio formats.The specifications are easy to find online, so I won't cut and paste them here.  But if I were looking for a new receiver today, I would be more than happy to get one with these specs.I got this from my brother, the original owner.  It worked perfectly for him, but I couldn't get it to fully work.  It's possible I just don't have the know-how, but you should assume it is not fully functional; that's why I'm listing it for repair or parts.  It has all the accessories, which alone sell on eBay for about $200 or more:Original remoteAM and FM antennas, never used,WIFi and Bluetooth antennasPower cableAudyssey speaker calibration microphone with stand and instructionsLiterature and manual CDPeople are also opening them up and selling parts like circuit boards, Wifi/bluetooth module, etc.  But I'd like to think that someone with the know-how to get it working will buy it.The amplifiers work great, at least the seven I tested.  The sound separation is amazing.  The front display and controls, the power section, Wifi networking, speaker outputs, all work great.  I had three problems: (1) I couldn't get the calibration system to work.  The speakers put out the sounds, but the receiver didn't acknowledge them.  The microphone is in like-new condition, so I suspect something else.  (2) I could never get audio from the TV to the receiver via ARC/eARC.  The TV settings aren't that complicated, but I don't have another ARC receiver to test it with.  The receiver settings are complicated.  (3) Of the seven HDMI inputs, I only got two to work, DVD and BluRay.  Even though I don't have a full speaker setup, the sound was great.  I don't know what's going on with the other inputs.Aside from the two subwoofer outputs, it has 11 audio channels, but two of them would require a separate amplifier.  All photos are of the actual unit for sale and its accessories.  It will be shipped double-boxed.  I am not allowing returns because I don't want people to speculate they can get it fully working and return it if they can't.

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